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CROS B - transmitter unit only

$ 1,149.00

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CROS B & Audéo B90

$ 2,798.00

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CROS B & Audéo B70

$ 2,498.00

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CROS Pure - transmitter unit only

$ 1,099.00

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CROS Pure & Primax 7 Hearing Aid

$ 2,759.00

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CROS Pure & Primax 5 Hearing Aid

$ 2,429.00

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Cros II - transmitter unit only

$ 1,099.00

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Phonak Cros II & Audéo V90 Hearing Aid

$ 2,698.00

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Phonak Cros II & Audéo V70 Hearing Aid

$ 2,448.00

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For the first time ever, people with single-sided deafness can easily follow conversations even in noisy situations. CROS (Contralateral Routing Of Signals) is a type of device used to treat unilateral hearing loss. The idea is to take the sound in the poor ear and transmit to the ear with better hearing. 

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60 Day Money Back Guarantee

What is a CROS system and how to find it?

Once you follow the hearing aid online store link, you can’t help wondering, whether its assortment as inclusive as the online store claims it to be. For instance, many users with one-sided deafness browse the web space in order purchase a CROS or a BiCROS hearing aid, however the search often does not go as smoothly as they expect.

CROS is a device designed specifically for people who need a one-sided hearing aid.  It has a signal routing-based performance:

  • The CROS microphone catches sounds in the ear with the poor hearing.
  • The device inserts the sound into the better hearing ear via the second microphone.

BiCROS is a system that works the same way, but designed for those, who have poor hearing in one ear and slight hearing problems in the other ear.

This is how CROS and BiCROS hearing aid bring everyone with unilateral and other non-typical types of hearing loss the joy of full sound and rhythm of everyday life.

Modern hearing aids exist in a wide range of models. The contemporary global hearing aids market offers potential buyers the following types of BiCROS and CROS hearing aid:

  • Wireless CROS hearing aid
  • Wired CROS hearing aid
  • Invisible CROS hearing aid
  • Tandem CROS hearing aid

So, how any hours a user has to spend googling if they need to find all of these models online?

In our case, the search will be complete in mere seconds.

Best CROS hearing aids in the USA at affordable cost

At Buyhear.com we include every type of hearing difficulties and find a proper solution. The CROS hearing aids for single-sided deafness are not an exception.

CROS aids that are available in our broad assortment, come in a huge variety of styles, shapes and patterns. Made by such influential hearing aids-manufacturing giants as Phonak, Widex, ReSound and other hearing aid brands.

Sticking to our democratic pricing policy, we provide our potential customers with the most beneficial offers. The cost of a CROS hearing aid at Buyhear.com is much lower than in any local store in your town. At the same time, the price does not affect the quality. We select our assortment according to the best CROS hearing aid reviews, and work with the best CROS hearing aid brands.

Choose a CROS hearing aid fitting to your condition and receive the following benefits:

  • Our trademark 60 days money back warranty
  • One year warranty
  • Initial programming
  • One year supply (batteries, domes, etc.)

Various CROS and BiCROS models mean more various benefits. Check out the catalogue and find the deal that fits you the best