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Pair - Oticon OPN 1 miniRITE (iPhone direct)

$ 3,998.00

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Pair - Oticon OPN 2 miniRITE (iPhone direct)

$ 3,698.00

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Pair - Oticon OPN 3 miniRITE (iPhone direct)

$ 3,298.00

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Oticon Hearing Aids

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Hearing aids with a wide range in technology suitable for most hearing loss. The NEW Oticon OPN are the world's first internet connected hearing aids on the new Velox Platform. There is direct to iPhone connectivity. With the Oticon ON app, you can control your new Oticon Opn hearing aids right from your mobile phone and interact with other internet-connected devices and services. Educational Link: See how it works.

Get help finding your hearing aids if they go missing. Trigger your lights, home alarm system, or smart thermostat when you turn your hearing aids on or off. Have your hearing aids send a notification when the battery is low or someone's at the door. With Oticon ON, it's all up to you.

The technological breakthrough allows Oticon to come out with the world's first internet direct connectivity hearing aids along with the "If Then, Then That Concept" seen HERE. The Oticon hearing aids dealers and distributors can be found everywhere around the world, including the USA. As the company is committed to offering the best hearing aid instruments to the global market, it is not surprising, that Oticon hearing aids are in very high demand.

Superior quality and reasonable price: Oticon hearing aids at
On our website, we are only offering the best hearing aids Oticon offers. If you wish for another model, just ask and we can help. 

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