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Pair - ReSound LiNX 3D 9 (direct to iPhone)

$ 3,398.00

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Pair - ReSound LiNX 3D 7 (direct to iPhone)

$ 2,798.00

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Pair - ReSound LiNX 3D 5 (direct to iPhone)

$ 2,398.00

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Pair - LiNX2 9

$ 3,498.00

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Pair - LiNX2 7

$ 2,998.00

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Pair - LinX2 5

$ 2,698.00

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Pair - Enzo2 9

$ 3,498.00

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ReSound Hearing Aids

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LiNX 3D Techonology Chart Comparison

    Living smart is the way to live with the new iPhone direct LiNX 3D hearing aids. Founded in 1943, ReSound, the company, has offices in over 25 countries. The ReSound hearing aids dealers and distributors can be found everywhere around the world, including the USA. As the company is committed to offering the best hearing aid instruments to the global market, it is not surprising, that ReSound hearing aids are in very high demand.  Superior quality and reasonable price: ReSound hearing aids at

    The range of ReSound hearing aid models is very inclusive.There are models for children, elders, waterproof or invisible models for people who prefer active and dynamic and ReSound hearing aids with Bluetooth or hearing aids adapted for iPhone and Androids.

    On our website you can buy high quality ReSound models, approved by several positive reviews made by hearing healthcare professionals and experienced users, at reasonable prices. When you buy ReSound hearing aids from us, you receive 100% quality while saving money. This is what we call living smart!

    Disclaimer: By offering the products manufactured by ReSound on this website is, in no way, holding itself out as an affiliate with ReSound, that is part of a joint venture with ReSound of that there is any affiliation whatsoever between and ReSound beyond's sale of ReSound products on the website. is a wholly independent company from ReSound and does not manufacture any of the products available for purchase on this website. In addition, by selling the ReSound products on this retail website, makes no claims to any rights in ReSound intellectual property, including patents, copyrights or trademarks. The use of ReSound logo or name or relevant ReSound educational information on this website is purely for information purposes as to the products offered for sale on this educational and retail website.