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Pair - Beyond 330 (iPhone direct)

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Widex Hearing Aids

Widex is another incredibly sought after hearing aid provider that is considered to be the world’s 6th largest hearing aid manufacturer. There are a lot of international researchers and audio analysts that work with the Widex team and that manufacture some of the best hearing aids money can buy. The company has managed to develop an abundance of different digital hearing aids, including the very first 100% digital in-ear hearing aid, which came out back in 1995.
With the new Widex Beyond Series brings their hearing aids to the forefront of technology being direct to iOS technology with iPhone, iPad and iWatch with direct streaming. There is only one body style which takes the 312 battery. 

In order to hear better, you’ll have to put your faith in the right brand. Widex is well-known for being a high-quality hearing aid manufacturer. Since we offer discounts on Allyhearing, working with us is getting the best of both worlds! Windex offers hearing aids that fit in your ear, as well as behind it, so when it comes to preference, you’re always going to get what you crave. Widex has been innovating the world of hearing aids for 60 years now, and they don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Some of the products they have to offer up would be:
  • Widex Beyond 440
  • Widex Beyond 330
  • Widex Beyond 220
  • And plenty more!

  • You can buy Widex hearing aids online. Here at, the importance of your hearing is held high; we understand that it’s something people are looking to improve almost every single day. As a result, we offer reasonably priced Widex options!

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