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Call Us (888) 862-2370

The inception of the company Mid-2015 was for the purpose of a National Online Retail and Marketing to provide exceptional technology as reasonable prices with customization service. We assist those whom have a long history of wearing hearing aids and individuals who try hearing aids for the first time.  

We have a team with decades of experience dedicated to the satisfaction of our customers. With Hearing Instrument Specialists on staff, we have the required training and skills involved for spot on programming and assistance. Understanding purchasing hearing aids in an investment, we have an unmatched 100% Money Back Guarantee with added shipping convenience. No cancellation fees, No restocking fees.

We only sell the newest and latest technology that are also considered the best in the industry. We only show RIC (Receiver In Canal) options as they are most popular. We can assist with other BTE and ITC options. 

  • is a nationwide company selling hearing aid devices and accessories
  • We have Hearing Instrument Specialists on staff
  • We offer the best options for all technology levels (basic to premium)
  • Please call us at 1-888-862-2370 for all inquiries
  • Return Address: 5550 Wild Rose Lane Suite 400, West Des Moines, Iowa 50266

The top question asked repeatedly, “Why are prices so low?”  As a company, we provide fair pricing and a customer-centric approach to a national audience who need our help. Local clinics set prices high knowing they only sell 12-20 hearing aids per month and are limited by territory. The main factor is our efficient model of volume selling hundreds of hearing aids nationally literally helps people like you save thousands! 

We only offer the latest technology at BUYHEAR. Comparing to older technology, hearing aids need minimal service and tweaking with new models. Years ago, the hearing aid user commonly visited a clinic for service 10-20 times per year. Today, visits may only be 2-5 times per year. Furthermore, cleaning hearing aids takes a few minutes and is as simple as opening a can of soup; we provide the tools to do the easy work. Finally, we like to ask people, “Would you pay $5,000 - $8,000 to make a couple office visits per year?” Basic office visit is $50; saving $2,500 with BUYHEAR is equivalent to 50 visits for cleaning or adjustments!