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Who reviews the Audiogram / Hearing Test? utilizes the licensed professionals on staff (Audiologists or Hearing Instrument Specialists).

What is covered in a Free Consultation?

Buyhear is unique in being able to provide top brand technology at affordable prices. Our staff will work with you to determine the proper mix of features and benefits for your hearing loss, based on your hearing test and your responses to questions about your lifestyle and needs.

Where can I get my hearing aids programmed or serviced?

We have the ability to adjust and program hearing aids remotely.  You may hear of this technology or process being called tele-audiology or tele-health. Buyhear also assists with warranty repair by providing pre-paid shipping labels for your convenience. If you lose or damage your hearing aids, we can also assist with submitting a Loss & Damage claim on your behalf.  And you always have the option of visiting a local clinic (at your own expense) to resolve issues.

How do I send the Audiogram / Hearing Test to Buyhear?  

1) Click Here to upload your Audiogram file.

2) You may also send via email: / fax: 1-515-414-7727

3) Call for a Free Consultation!

What is our trial period?

60 Days. Please review our return policy below. Bill of Sale

Where are your reviews and testimonials?
Do I need an Audiogram? Can I purchase hearing aids without an Audiogram?

Buyhear must receive the Audiogram / Hearing Test prior to shipment of the purchased hearing aids.  Otherwise, you will need to sign the FDA waiver.

Do you ship Internationally?

Yes. Via USPS, FedEx, or UPS.

What is the hearing aid warranty?

Each hearing aid has its own specific manufacturer's warranty and loss and damage warranty. Review the product description or contact us.

Why do you need to create the user account?

Creating a user allows your shipping information to be stored. If you are looking to purchase other items it is helpful to create a user account. Otherwise, we do not require you to establish a user account to purchase any items.

Do you have a network of approved clinics?

We do not. We have the ability to service our own clientele. 

What currency is accepted?

We only accept the U.S. Dollar.

What are the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy?
What if I want to exchange?

Exchanges are accepted in the 60 day trial period.  People exchange on the basis of trying technology, colors, model sizes or manufacturers. 

Do you refund and charge the full amounts on exchanges?

We only credit or charge the difference in pricing.

What is the exchange procedure if the purchase amounts are different?

First, ship return the items and tell us what hearing aids you want to exchange. Scenarios:

1) Less expensive exchange: 

  • we send confirmation of the returned items
  • we email an invoice of the new hearing aids(s) you picked 
  • we credit / refund the difference
  • we ship new hearing aids

2) More expensive exchange:

  • we send confirmation of the returned items
  • we email an invoice with upgraded hearing aid(s) you picked
  • customer pays the difference of the amount owed via invoice shopping cart
  • we ship new hearing aids

3) Same price exchange:

  • we send confirmation of the returned items
  • we send an invoice of the new item to be received 
  • no credit or charge 
  • we ship new hearing aids
When will the hearing aids be received after purchase?

Weather permitting in 7-10 business days from the purchase. 

What is the shipping process?

Expect the shipment in 7-10 business days. We program the hearing aids upon receipt from the manufacturer. From there we ship FedEx in the United States or USPS or DHL Internationally. We require signing for the package upon receipt to avoid complications of lost packages. There will be exceptions to where Buyhear shipment process may take longer; that will be openly discussed prior to purchase.

What if the hearing aids are lost or damaged by the customer?

You will have to pay the manufacturer's deductible. There is no refund or exceptions.

What if the package is lost by prior to delivery?

Contact Buyhear immediately. We will assist in the logistics tracking with FedEx, UPS or USPS. We have appropriate logistics in place with tracking and require a signature on pickup. 

What is the return policy?

60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee. For a full return or exchange you must include in the return all aspects of additional inventory provided: batteries, filters, receivers, domes, and all original boxing materials. All extra items outside of listed items received will be known as promotional items. Buyhear has the right to begin and end promotions. All promotional items presented with the purchase must also be returned. All Products sold are subject to a sixty (60) calendar day return for a refund in the Purchase Price less costs and fees, including shipping costs, associated with the return of the Product. Buyhear has the right to not refund if all items are not returned as requested with the stated trial period. Products and items must be returned within sixty (60) calendar days of the date of shipment and must be undamaged.  Products must be returned to the following address via certified mail, federal express, or other manner with tracking information: Buyhear Service Center / Attn: Product Returns / 2450 Highway 18, Spencer, IA 51301

Do you accept insurance?

We are an out of network provider. Contact your insurance company for coverage. We only accept immediate payment by credit / debit cards or the option of financing through for flexible payment plan options.

How is the Audiogram used?

We program the hearing aids according to the submitted Audiogram / Hearing test.

What are your financing terms?

Please review the Finance Page.

When is the refund received on a purchase return?

The payment credit for the return will be processed when the items are received in-house. Please contact your bank to verify receipt of funds. We will only be able to verify the cancelled transaction. 

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