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At, we have helped and assisted thousands of people in the purchase of hearing aids online. We receive hundreds of call every day and we do hear many stories and myths of what they might hear about purchasing hearing aids online.

First and foremost, Buyhear is a leading national online retailers. We program as many hearing aids as a clinic will do in 25-30 years. This page is to bring to light the Myths and deception you may be told.

Is my warranty voided when purchasing online?

NO! We have worked with many hundreds of repairs and L&Ds from all manufacturers with our thousands of customers. There are zero instances of which a manufacturer did not honor warranty in such away to take care of repair services required to bring the hearing instrument to normal function nor has any Buyhear customer been denied receiving a replacement hearing aid by submitting the claim form.

Can I get service?

YES! has technology to remotely adjust hearing aids for our customers. 8 out of 10 people, the programming is perfect. For those other customers, we make sure they are satisfied.

Do I need to see a local professional for programming or adjustments?

If you have internet, NO! In real-time, we make adjustments for our customers.