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Phonak / Unitron - 5 Boxes of Cerustop Filters

$ 50.00 $ 30.00

The these wax filters are universal for both Unitron and Phonak. The box of Cerustop hearing aid filters come with 8 filter replacement sticks. You will receive a total of 40 filters.

**Sales are Final. No refunds on this product**

These filters are specially designed to work with Phonak and Unitron hearing aids. However, do not forget to check whether your specific model is compatible with them. You can contact us if you are not sure. They contain wax guards to use with your hearing aids.

Ear wax is produced by the ear canal and can clog up the earpiece. Due to the wax protection system, you can clean away any wax that has accumulated on the hearing aids to ensure their performance and top condition.

The filters are very easy to attach to the right place on the hearing aids. You will need to remove the filter and then replace it with a clean one. Special tools make it easy – you won’t have to fiddle with the small parts with your fingers. The filters are really easy to use and will enable you to keep your hearing aids looking and working at their best.

Each box contains 8 filter replacement sticks and 40 filters in total.