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ConnectLine Phone Adapter

$ 249.00

Paired with the Streamer Pro, your home phone becomes a hands free listening experience.  Never be shy about talking on the phone again.  You will be able to enjoy a conversation on the phone again.

This Oticon ConnectLine Phone Adapter is a Bluetooth interface between a landline phone and the Oticon Streamer 1.4, Ponto Streamer or Streamer Pro. This will, therefore, allow hearing aids to be used as a wireless headset. It means that it is possible to use the telephone hands free and enjoy the better quality as well.

This works in conjunction with the ConnectLine system and so is easy to use alongside the TV, music player and cell phone applications. It has a system, which help to control background noise by cancelling it and making it is much easier for you to hear the person speaking. It means that there is no need to buy a new phone and that all your conversations will be much clearer and easier to understand.

It is really easy to use as well. It can be quickly plugged in between the main phone and phone wall outlet and paired up with the Streamer. These device will work efficiently within 30 feet of each other. When the telephone rings there is a notification in the hearing aid and the user can use their streamer phone button to activate it. When dialling it will automatically transfer the call to the hearing aids.

The unit has been designed to look sleek and fit in with other phones and base stations so no one will ever know that it is a specialist piece of equipment. It is really safe to use as well with a red phone button and LED when connected.

As of 02/01/2017: No return or refund on accessories without the purchase of hearing aids.

1 - Year Manufacturer Warranty