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Pair - Widex Evoke 330

$ 3,098.00

This is a Pair of Widex Evoke 330 RIC hearing aids. The WIDEX Evoke is a made for iPhone hearing aid based on the WIDEX E-platform. The SoundSense Learn function is an industry first that allows the hearing aids learn from the users hearing preference to give them better, more personalized sound.  Widex PURE-LINK, a customized 2.4 GHz wireless input handling system, allows for direct streaming of audio as well as direct control from smartphones and tablets. Uses a size 312 battery.

More connected than any other hearing aid, WIDEX Evoke Tri-Link Technology provides multi-connectivity to the wearer’s iPhone, t-coil and our full range of DEX communication devices.

Suggested fitting range: Minimal to severe hearing loss

  • 12 processing channels
  • SoundSense Learn
  • Fluid Sound Analyzer with 7 sound classes
  • Smartwind Manager 
  • Speech Enhancer RT
  • Digital Pinna
  • Soft-level noise reduction
  • High-frequency boost
  • TruSound Softener
  • Noise Reduction
  • SoundSense Adapt
  • 4 Programs
  • ZEN IE
  • Audibility Extender
  • Programmable Push Button
  • InterEar Variable Speed Compression
  • Wireless connectivity: CALL-DEX, TV-DEX, COM DEX, UNI DEX, RC-DEX, FM+ DEX, PHONE DEX

Receive with Purchase:

  • 2 - Widex Evoke 330 Hearing Aids
  • 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • 3 Year Loss & Damage Warranty ($250 replacement fee on claim. 1 claim usage per hearing aid within term)
  • Initial Programming
  • Adjustments in 60 Day Trial
  • Standard Shipping Included in USA
  • 1 Year Supply (120 Batteries), (10 Domes), (3 Packs of Filters)

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