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Phonak Mini Charger (B-R only)

$ 99.00

Most compact charging option if you want to place near a bathroom sink. 

B-R User Manual

The Phonak Mini Charger is a great way to charge your hearing aids in a more discreet way. It offers the same features as the Phonak Charger but it is smaller. This means that it is easy to store and hide.

The charger provides the same reliable rechargeable battery power. This means that you can be confident that your hearing aids will last all day if you charge them up for three hours beforehand. If you are short of time, a quick 30 minute charge will give you three hours of battery life.

Having reliable charge for your hearing aids is really important. Many people are used waste their money on new batteries for their hearing aids once the old ones run out. Not only rechargeables mean that you do not have to keep replacing them, they also give you more freedom. You know how long that charge will last, so you can plan accordingly. With other hearing aids you may have to guess or even find out that charge does not last long enough, meaning that you will either have to carry batteries or switch off your hearing aid when you do not need it.

As of 02/01/2017: No return or refund on accessories without the purchase of hearing aids.