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TV Adapter 3.0 (Oticon Opn only)

$ 349.00

Data Sheet

Instruction Manual

Compatible with the Opn hearing aids. 1 - Year Manufacturer Warranty

As of 02/01/2017: No return or refund on accessories without the purchase of hearing aids.

The TV Adapter 3.0 is compatible solely with the Oticon hearing aid. It works with any model of the Oticon hearing aid that has the 2.4GHz radio technology. It can allow the hearing aid user to be able to enjoy the stereo sound coming from their radio, television or sound system. It is possible to set the sound level and have it sent directly to the hearing aid. This means that it is very convenient to use and allows anyone to be able to enjoy listening to stereo sound.

The TV Adapter has been tested carefully to make sure that it is easy to use and works efficiently. It even supports digital sound produced by Digital Stereo and Dolby Digital. This means that it is easily possible to enjoy the sounds from flat screened televisions and home cinema systems. The adapter can be connected to as many hearing aids as you wish at the same time, which means that if more than one user has a compatible hearing aid, they can all enjoy the experience together.

Once the hearing aids are in the right mode, they will automatically connect with the TV adapter once within 30 cm of it.

The TV Adapter comes with instructions, power supply unit, a 2 m optical cable, SCART to RCA converter, RCA to RCA stereo cable and a Minijack to RCA converter. It should therefore come with everything that you need to get it set up.